Gossip Girl...what?!


Det här är fan helt otroligt! Är så jävla arg! Kollade nyss på säsongsavslutningen av Gossip Girl - säsong 5. Och jag har aldrig varit så arg! Dom har totalt förstört min favoritserie! HATA! Vad fan har hänt egentligen?! Ingenting är alls som det ska vara och ingenting är som det brukade vara :( mår seriöst dåligt nu när jag sett det och tänker på det.

Är så arg att jag var tvungen att skriva av mig på den här otroligt uppdaterade, tråkiga bloggen, haha. Men det här är så inte okej!! Svårt att sammanfatta så kopierar en tjejs kommentar på facebook;

"I hate how they COMPLETELY change the personalities of these characters - It almost seems as if one great set of writers wrote till season 3/4 and a complete awful set has been writing season 5! 1st blair became a bitchy, confused, weak, crazy person. Then lily, the sweet motherly figure, who's a good person, adopted chuck, looked after everyone, who's one true love was rufus became this money focused b****. who screws over a penniless girl and pays off a maid to get her mum's money and cares more about money than rufus???! Which is the opposite to how she was. And lastly, Dan, who has since birth been in love with serena, dated her for several years, shared such sweet moments with her,now turns around and acts like a hearless , evil, jerk towards her! It's completely out of character and unrealistic!! The writers are really ruining my favourite show - I think the only thing they did right was chair getting back.
serena dealing with drugs and having sex with random guys AGAIN? blair and chuck going through the same things AGAIN? dan alone AGAIN? seriously, i expected so much more from this episode.

i love gossip girl, but i feel like this whole season was such a disappointment. it started out great, but it just started fading and just wasn't interesting anymore. they are just re-using the same material... bart saying chuck isn't a real bass. chuck wanting blair then finally when she wants him he doesn't want her anymore. serena wanting dan. serena getting involved with drugs again. blair and serena fighting again. seriously, its getting old.
Blair and chuck just need to stop chasing after each other and just BE together. Enough is enough with the chasing! *rolls eyes* - Fingers crossed 4 a more EVOLVED next season"


Haha fan vad mobbat det här är.. :'(


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